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Driving Operational Flexibility

Transforming B2B Customer Relationships with 365 Assistnace
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365 Assistance Group, a distinguished Australian-based company, has been a stalwart in providing unwavering support to car owners and businesses for over a decade. As a B2B company operating behind the scenes of major brands in Insurance, Car Manufacturing, Fleet Management, and Emerging Markets, 365 is at the forefront of managing intricate customer relationships. Offering professional roadside assistance and emergency breakdown services, the company's caring customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, ensuring swift resolutions to unexpected problems for their clients.

The Challenge(s)

In the dynamic landscape of B2B services , 365 Assistance Group faced a unique set of challenges in their quest to effectively manage and enhance customer relationships. Most other platforms were too rigid in their design, proving inadequate for accommodating the specialised needs of the business. The company felt compelled to adjust its operational model to fit the constraints of existing CRMs, hindering overall efficiency. Furthermore, the users, juggling multiple aspects of their roles, required a platform that was not only flexible but also intuitive and easy to pick up.

Wisely played a pivotal role in the collaborative decision-making process as Michael Payne, COO, and Ian Slater, Group GM of 365 Assistance Group, sought an optimal CRM solution during the initial stages of their quest. Actively participating in the company's initial assessment in collaboration with, Wisely's involvement was instrumental in providing assurance that the specific business needs of 365 Assistance Group were not only understood but also achievable.


This proactive and collaborative approach solidified confidence in the viability of as the chosen CRM solution, laying a strong foundation for the subsequent phases of the implementation process.

As Michael explains:

“Having the implementation partner involved at the start of our journey gave us comfort that our specific needs were in fact achievable and we never heard phrases like 'sorry our platform is not designed that way...'”


Our Solution

Our engagement methodology, designed for project success and client satisfaction, played a pivotal role in collaborating with Michael to define and streamline the tiered customer hierarchy for 365 Assistance Group. The definition and streamlining of the tiered customer hierarchy for 365 Assistance Group were pivotal in optimising their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. This tiered structure served as a robust framework, providing a comprehensive understanding of client relationships within the organisation, particularly in the B2B landscape.


Commencing with thorough planning, we identified goals, assessed needs, and established a roadmap, with a specific focus on addressing the necessity of structuring and streamlining the complex customer hierarchy database. During the implementation phase, we worked closely to execute the plan, adopting agile methodologies and conducting rigorous testing to ensure a robust solution. This collaborative effort resulted in the successful definition and integration of a tiered customer hierarchy tailored to the unique needs of 365 Assistance Group. 

Deployment and support followed a phased rollout strategy, ensuring a smooth transition and end-user adoption of the newly defined customer hierarchy on the newly deployed CRM built on Comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer sessions empowered the 365 Assist team to manage the solution independently.

The Outcome

The implementation of the custom CRM built on yielded transformative results for 365 Assistance Group. One notable outcome was the establishment of a unified repository, serving as a single source for all client information. "We now have a single source of all client information used by multiple departments,' shares Michael, highlighting the pivotal role of this centralised repository." 


The centralised repository for client data fostered seamless collaboration among diverse departments, spanning from sales to invoicing. This fundamental shift greatly streamlined workflows, resulting in significant efficiency improvements across end-to-end client interactions.

As Michael explains:

“ allowed us to be creative in our design and have visibility of interactions at an individual or rolled up level.”

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In conclusion, the partnership between Wisely and 365 Assistance Group has not only overcame B2B challenges but also laid the groundwork for future innovation. The tailored CRM on, guided by Wisely, transformed operations by introducing a tiered customer hierarchy and streamlining workflows.


Michael's endorsement of as a platform fostering creativity and visibility underscores the success of this collaboration.Looking ahead, 365 Assistance Group plans to expand usage to manage service providers and integrate it with other tools for consolidated project views. These forward-thinking plans reflect their commitment to technology for sustained success.


The collaboration exemplifies the power of strategic partnership in overcoming challenges and building a foundation for growth and innovation in the B2B landscape.

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