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Empowering Businesses with Smart Solutions

Welcome to Wisely,  your trusted partner in transforming the way you work. 


Based at 1 The Strand, Takapuna, Wisely is a cutting-edge tech enterprise under the umbrella of Flex Holdings.

We specialise in business process consulting across the globe, and are committed to improving operational efficiency through intelligent solutions that facilitate efficient team collaboration, communication, and project management. We optimise workflows, integrate systems, and customise our approach to meet each client's specific needs, ultimately enhancing productivity. 


We are certified gold partners of, ready to collaborate on enhancing your business. Let's explore effective strategies together!

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Modern City

Our Story

Our story began with a profound discovery, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of in streamlining the advertising, post-production, magazine publishing, shopper marketing, technology, finance, and HR workflows within our founding group.


This revelation inspired us to form Wisely, aiming to enhance operational efficiency for enterprises of all sizes through tailored workflow solutions.

Core Values

At Wisely, our core values centre on being a dedicated partner committed to simplifying and enhancing business processes. We deliver practical solutions addressing common enterprise challenges, promoting accountability, resource optimisation, effective communication, and improved project visibility.


Our guiding principle is to elevate operational efficiency through personalised workflow solutions, prioritising a client-centric approach for tailored precision and efficiency.

We extend our dedication to values through seamless system integration, connecting disparate platforms to create a unified digital ecosystem that enhances data flow and eliminates silos. 

Choosing Wisely means embracing values that go beyond conventional consulting, aiming to simplify, optimise, and integrate intelligent automation into the fabric of your operations. Our goal is to unlock the potential for enhanced productivity, fostering a more agile and responsive business environment tailored to propel your organisation towards greater success. 

We practice what we preach

Security and Confidentiality

We place a high priority on securely and confidentially handling business data, ensuring the integrity of privacy.

Innovation and Growth

Our approach involves fostering innovation, embracing technology, and identifying growth opportunities.

Efficiency and Precision

Executing tasks with precision and efficiency, we tailor solutions for unique businesses.

Collaborative Teamwork

We prioritize understanding client needs and fostering a collaborative working environment.


Prioritizing transparency, we ensure accountability in every project step, fostering trust.

About Wisely

Meet The Team

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