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Collaboration and Efficiency

Streamlining Operations with Community Broker Network
Community Broker Network


Community Broker Network (CBN), the largest general insurance authorized broker network in Australia, has been dedicated to empowering brokers and securing the best insurance outcomes for clients for over a decade. With various departments supporting the network, CBN sought a comprehensive workflow solution to enhance transparency and cross-collaboration across multiple business units.

The Challenge(s)

In the intricate landscape of general insurance brokerage, CBN faced challenges such as task duplication, wasted effort, and a lack of transparency across departments. The need for a robust workflow tool to streamline processes and foster collaboration became evident. 

Wisely, as a strategic partner, played a crucial role in the decision-making process. Melissa Bulboa, a key decision-maker at CBN, highlighted Wisely's contribution...



This collaboration ensured that the chosen solution not only met but exceeded the specific workflow needs of CBN.

As Melissa explains:


"Wisely provided use case scenarios and showcased working configurations that aligned with our requirements."

Modern City

Our Solution

CBN, in collaboration with Wisely, undertook a strategic approach to address their workflow challenges. The initial stages involved comprehensive planning, goal identification, and roadmap establishment, with a specific focus on achieving transparency and collaboration. Wisely's proactive involvement solidified the choice of as the optimal workflow management tool. 


Melissa Bulboa explained the impact of Wisely's involvement...



The implementation phase, guided by Wisely, focused on defining and streamlining workflows across various business units. This included the implementation of a unified workflow management tool,, to streamline projects and day-to-day activities.

As Melissa explains:


"Having the implementation partner involved at the start of our journey gave us comfort that our specific needs were achievable." 

The Outcome

The implementation of at CBN has brought transformative results. The organization now operates under a unified workflow management tool, providing transparency on agreed business priorities and offering a platform for staff to contribute ideas and initiatives. 

Melissa Bulboa expressed satisfaction with the results...






Although it is early days since the go-live in December, CBN has already received positive feedback on the system's efficiency and user-friendly interface, resulting in significant time savings compared to old processes and systems.

As Melissa explains:

 "User adoption has been great, especially from a leadership and management level."

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In conclusion, the collaboration between Community Broker Network, Wisely, and exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in overcoming workflow challenges and driving efficiency. 

The implementation of a unified workflow management tool has not only streamlined processes but has also laid the foundation for enhanced collaboration and innovation within the organisation. 

Looking ahead, CBN plans to further enhance reporting and dashboards, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement. Melissa Bulboa emphatically recommends Wisely to other businesses seeking assistance in implementing workflow management tools, underlining the success and positive outcomes of this collaborative journey.

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