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Wise Creative Projects

Boost Agency Efficiency with

Transform your team's workflow with Wise Creative Projects, our PMO solution tailored for creative businesses, agencies, or departments.

Effortlessly manage projects of any scale, streamline workflows, centralise data, and promote seamless collaboration.

What does this solution offer?

Our solution equips creative teams with a comprehensive toolset to streamline project management. Through our platform, marketing teams seamlessly capture briefs, scope projects, and allocate tasks efficiently. With a centralised hub for collaboration and task management, projects stay on track, deadlines are met, and creative teams excel. Intuitive features and customizable workflows optimize operations, driving efficiency throughout the project management workflow.

Key Features


Centralised Hub with Integrated Proofing

Consolidate all project details, tasks, resources, communication, and even creative proofs within a single, user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to scattered emails, documents, and version control issues. Wise Creative Projects integrates seamlessly with PageProof, allowing teams to provide and track feedback directly on assets, centralising the entire creative workflow.


Visual Workflows & Streamlined Processes

Visualise project lifecycles with intuitive dashboards and kanban boards. Capture briefs through an intuitive form and automate repetitive tasks like sending review requests, create custom workflows that include proofing stages, and track project progress in real-time. Wise Creative Projects empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.


Enhanced Collaboration & Team Accountability

Foster seamless collaboration with features like task assignment, in-app communication tools, real-time progress updates, and integrated proofing tools. Hold team members accountable with deadlines, track project ownership, and assign reviewers for creative assets. This ensures clear visibility into responsibilities and streamlined communication throughout the entire creative process.

Solution Benefits

In this dynamic landscape, our solution brings together the benefits of strategising customer engagement, generating new business, seamlessly integrating sales and service, and ensuring transparent invoicing.


Strategic Customer Engagement

Strategise customer engagement, revenue prediction, targeted market penetration, and enhance relationships effectively.

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Dynamic Business Development

Focus on generating new business, tailoring effective solutions, delivering compelling presentations, efficiently allocating resources for project kick-off, and fostering ongoing client communication.


Client-Centric Sales and Service Integration

Ensure seamless sales-to-service transition, execute projects precisely, maintain continuous client communication, and monitor satisfaction for timely, quality delivery.

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